Formed in Naarm/Melbourne in 2013, the Jawa Pitu Band (the “Java Seven”) is a dynamic 7-piece world music ensemble that seamlessly melds Indonesian dangdut and gamelan traditions with the improvisational spirit of jazz and the infectious rhythms of funk, creating a fusion that defies boundaries and electrifies audiences.

Their main influence is dangdut music from 1970s Indonesia, with its heady mix of Javanese, Hindustani, Malay, Arabic and Western music, along with legendary dangdut artists such as Rhoma Irama. The Jawa Pitu Band performs a reimagining of classic dangdut songs, adding gamelan and often having members of the Sanggar Lestari Indonesian dance troupe perform with them. Their shows are uplifting, always inspiring dancing and audience participation, making each performance a celebration of music and culture.

The Jawa Pitu Band is known for their vibrant live performances and plan to continue performing around Melbourne and at music festivals building up to the launch of their second album in February, 2025. The band dreams of touring Indonesia to share their rich mix of cultures and rhythms with the country that so inspired them.

For bookings or any queries please contact: ascelin@gmail.com

Band Members