You could loosely describe the Jawa Pitu Band as a 'world music', as we predominantly play dangdut — music from 1970s Indonesia which is a heady mix of Hindustani, Malay, Arabic and Western music. We play our own version of dangdut with additional inspiration from western jazz/groove and also Indonesian gamelan music. With 3 percussionists in the band, we also have have strong influences from African and Middle Eastern rhythms.

The Jawa Pitu Band lineup consists of
Yana Lestari — vocals

Pipin Jamison— vocals
Musa Kanda — gamelan saron, darbuka, riq
, gendang, gongs.
Ascelin Gordon — guitar, bansuri

Dzullah Mohd Pilus — drums, djembe, darbuka, tabla, naal, tambourine

Brett Johnson — fretless bass

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